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Pain of Mind

by Neurosis

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Doom King
Doom King thumbnail
Doom King ...Sometimes I just want to scream at things. This is the one 🤘🤘 Favorite track: Reason To Hide.
Ald O)))
Ald O))) thumbnail
Ald O))) E in principio fu hardcore...
Hayduke X
Hayduke X thumbnail
Hayduke X I first listened to Neurosis in 2012 and honestly didn't like them. It wasn't until 2016 and Fires Within Fires that they clicked. (and now I like it all) I wish I'd found them in this era though, because this rips and fits very well with the hardcore punk I cut my teeth on. Stellar! Favorite track: Training.
East Bay Working Class
East Bay Working Class thumbnail
East Bay Working Class I would see Neurosis at the Gilman in mid to late 80s and am always amazed how incredible this album still sounds. Seeing these songs live while listening to Tim Yohanon bitch " no aggressive slamming" has to be one of my fondest memories. FUCK THAT MAKES ME OLD. Favorite track: Pain of Mind.
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Pain of Mind 03:05
Black 04:55
Training 01:02
Progress 01:46
Stalemate 02:29
Geneticide 02:34
Ingrown 02:23
United Sheep 03:06
Grey 02:39


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Pain of mind, sickness of heart

Pain of Mind marks the inception of one of the weirdest and most powerful bands there ever was as they begin their odyssey through the sonic landscape: 33 years, 13 albums and counting. These gritty punk songs bear little resemblance to what Neurosis would become, but the future was written here, and if you listen closely to these kids—barely out of high school at the time, you can hear their early influences: The guitars and existential anguish of Amebix and Rudimentary Peni, the passionate politics of Crass, the heaviness of Sabbath—and here, too, they lay the foundation for some of their enduring concerns: the pursuit of transcendence, and contemplation on the downward suck of despair.

As Ian MacKaye coyly suggests in the East Bay Punk doc Turn It Around, there are “a lot of holes to fall into” growing up in the Bay Area. In 1987 Dave Edwardson was 18, Scott Kelly was 19, Jason Roeder was 16, Chad Salter, the band elder, was 21, and they had already fallen into many of them, including, of course, the great abyss of depression. Only a teenager could write the punk anthems “Black,” “Grey” “Life on Your Knees,” and of course the title track, “Pain of Mind”. They are songs of survival.
With Pain of Mind, Neurosis sunk their claws into the hearts and minds of the East Bay scene like no one else. They were fucking dark, gazing right into the abyss and refusing to turn away. The cacophony of vocals on Pain of Mind-- Scott’s unhinged screams, and Dave’s guttural growl, suggested a familiar sort of internal mania: like the voices in an unquiet mind, paranoid, but for all the right reasons. And Jason Story’s original cover art perfectly captures that torment.

Neurosis shows in the Pain of Mind era were like nothing else. The pit was wild; people rolled around on the floor, climbed the walls, threw themselves off the stage. Watching Neurosis play felt like a seizure that reset your brainwaves: shock treatment, an exorcism. For a few days after a show, you always felt real mellow.
Neurosis reminded us that maybe we weren’t free, but at least we were locked up together. It sounds melodramatic, but Neurosis might have saved our lives.

Anna Brown - March 2018


released May 25, 2018


all rights reserved




NEUROSIS is music. Music in the same way that Wagner is music. Or that it all comes down. Or the graying granite planet we call home is both the cradle and coffin of all desire and hopes and expression forces its way through us and into wires and out of speakers framing a journey from here to there and not back again. Ever. This is a one-way trip. ... more

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